Astale Ei Daemonia Eucalystia Aram is the 7 year old Prince of the magical kingdom of Astale. He is just a kid at heart, and loves Airi, Pika Rangers (a fictional anime series that closely resembles the Power Rangers), and Airi's homemade omelettes.

His stepbrother Jeile was the one who gave Aram the curse that ages him into a teen whenever exposed to darkness. Jeile later explained that he loves his little brother very much, and that Aram was so cute that he wanted to play with him all day and rub his cheeks 1000 times. But, Jeile was angry that little Aram acted cold towards him, so he put that cursed spell on him. When Aram hears this, he complained that his brother's affection is so violent and scary, and that Jeile actually did rub his cheeks 1000 times to the point of swelling and that he could never get some rest with him around. So Jeile decided to reverse the magic, but failed XD Will Aram be stuck with this curse forever?!

Whenever he ages, Aram's clothes would rip and he ends up naked, so he got a magical ring from his father, which makes his clothes grow with him. Aram is also told that the only way to revert back to his normal form is to receive a maiden's kiss. And Aram has decided that he wants Airi to be the chosen one - which turns out to be a big problem for Airi because she thinks she already found her true love in Nakaouji, the handsome and popular boy in her class.

So not only does Aram have to fight for Airi's affection from all these guys who are suddenly in love with her, but he has his own problems to deal with - such as Mariabelle (his fiance from his kingdom), who is not ready to give Aram up so easily, and Razu (Aram's cousin), who is bent on getting revenge on Airi. Here comes Aram to the rescue!